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At Star Payment Systems, POS services is our commitment to you. With a dedication to delivering the best, we offer a comprehensive range of POS solutions tailored to your unique business needs. 

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The last few years have forever changed our industry. Every restaurant is dealing with a new reality in their daily operations We make technology that works the way you work

On The Fly POS

At On The Fly POS, we believe that every business should have the freedom to soar, unburdened by the limitations of traditional Point of Sale systems. Our innovative On-the-Fly POS solution is engineered for the modern business landscape, providing agility, speed, and adaptability like never before.

Clover POS

Deliver an amazing guest experience Improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and do what you do better with a Clover restaurant pos system


Star Payment POS Systems

Star Payment Systems offers cutting-edge payment solutions designed to propel your business forward.


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking.


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking.


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking.


We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking.

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An all-in-one-solution that will make running your business that much easier.

Our easy to set up systems offerpractical futures that will help you manage your business.

You can manage -Your Business -Your Social Media -Your Inventory Right from the merchant portal

FREE Online Delivery System

We had made managing local deliveries super easy with our Service. Providing Driver’s Apps, Menus, Dashboard with all the Gadgets to run your Delivery Business

Accept All Types of Payments

Our payment processing software covers all the main payment channels and platforms, including:

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3 Kind of Terminals

Explore the versatility of our comprehensive terminal solutions at Star Payment Systems. With three distinct types of terminals tailored to meet your business requirements, we offer flexibility and convenience like never before. Whether you prefer traditional countertop terminals, mobile terminals for on-the-go transactions, or advanced virtual terminals for online payments, we have you covered. 

Smart Terminal

SkyTab™ is a powerful tool to supercharge your business! This complete pay-at-the-table solution will take your operations to the next level while delivering an unmatched experience for your customers.

Mobile Terminal

This terminal accepts EMV-enabled credit cards, or “smart cards”. Smart cards include an embedded microprocessor that provides powerful security features not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards

POS Terminal

Station, Mini, Flex, and Go. Expertly designed to sync and work together. Build your POS system the way your business operates: mobile and stationary devices customized to your needs, whether you’re a restaurant, retail, or service business.

Get Funding within minutes

Our streamlined application process will help you get business funding in less than 10 minutes. Here are the three simple steps to apply for business funding.

Afterwards, we provide you with your approved amount and you’re good to go!