Payment Processing

Star Payment Systems Payments

Establishing a merchant account with Star Payment Systems is easy. Take advantage of our free equipment offerings, or use your existing equipment, and receive competitive processing rates. With Star Payment Systems, you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Network, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, debit and EBT cards.

If you are already processing credit and debit card payments, we can perform a rate review to ensure that you receive the best rates available.

Star Payment Systems POS (Point-of-Sale)

It used to be that POS systems were only meant for enterprises, or those willing to invest in a lot of complicated equipment. With the advent of mobile POS applications and decreased manufacturing costs, POS options have become more affordable for businesses of all sizes.

If you have a Star Payment Systems POS system, you will also be able to run various real-time POS reports and make updates to menu/products remotely via the Star Payment Systems online feature.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

As conversations swirl about mobile commerce and e-wallets becoming the standard form of consumer payment in the future, merchants need to meet today’s demands for mobile credit card processing and position themselves for what tomorrow may hold.

What is mobile credit card processing?
There are two primary transaction types involved in mobile credit card processing:

Accepting credit cards with a mobile device Accepting mobile payments from a smartphone Both have become more and more prevalent and they continue to grow in adoption and usage. And, they both offer additional marketing benefits through integrated gift and loyalty solutions.